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A Guide to the Best Rat Traps

Victor M240 Electronic Rat TrapIf you see a rat or hear a squeak, you know that it is time to brace yourself for a fight.

You’ll need to do a bit of research (which we provide here) and then purchase and place some rat traps before it is too late.

They might be little and furry, but rats can actually be seriously destructive.  These rodents are extremely unsanitary and they can carry a number of diseases.  They chew wood, make nests, and can cause countless other problems for your household.  It’s important to face the problem head on and get rid of rats immediately, especially if you have kids and pets at home.

The Best Rat Trap Overview

There are many different ways to get rid of rats and one of the most effective ways is to use the best rat trap you can get your hands on. There are many different types of rat traps available in the market today, which will effectively kill the rats in your house or get rid of them and make your house safe and sanitary again.

We recommend electronic rat traps to get the job done fast, painlessly, humanely, and safely.  Other traps can also work, but we’ve seen the most success with the electric rodent traps.  Here’s a breakdown of all the trap choices:

  • Snap traps: These are the traditional traps and have been used for numerous years now. Snap traps will instantly remind you of the traps used in the cartoon Tom and Jerry. These large rodent traps come with a heavy steel bar that lands with a lot of force on the rat when it comes to steal the food you used as bait to attract the rat. You should be very careful with these traps because they may hurt you while setting them. Also, there are cases when the rat does not die completely and is subjected to a lot of pain because of injury. Thus, if you are looking for a humane way to kill the rat a snap trap is not the best rat trap for your needs.
  • Live traps: Live traps simply trap the rats and do not kill them. These are a good option if you don’t want to kill the rat. The rats will get trapped and all that you have to do is set them free some place far away from your house.
  • Adhesive traps: These will also not kill the rat immediately. The rat will simply get glued onto the trap when it comes to steal the bait. It is recommended that you check these traps every now and then to ensure that the rat is not stuck on it for days together. If you forget about it, the rat will starve to death in a very painful way, which it definitely does not deserve. These traps are affordable but when you purchase them you should also find out how to free the rats from the adhesive once you take them far away from your house.
  • Electric traps: These traps are the most effective when it comes to killing rats. These will work instantly and kill the rat before it can even feel it.   Because it does the job quickly it is a humane way of killing the rat.
  • The most popular is the Victor M240 Electronic Rat Trap.  It can make a lot of kills on one set of batteries and is very safe and easy to use and reuse.  It is safe for pets and kids, and it’s easy to dispose of the rat once zapped.  You just tip the trap in to a garbage bin and rebait and reset the trap.  You can purchase it on Amazon through our link here:

Victor M240 Rat Trap

Victor M240

Other rat traps include bucket traps, cage traps, mouth traps, and so on. The best rat trap for you will depend on the environment you live in and the severity of the situation.  What ever you decide to do, act fast, and be sure to buy traps that are safe especially if you have pets and kids at home.

Rat Repellent Tips and Tricks

rat repellentWith the increase in the human population and the decrease in the space for mice and rats to live, the two have fused. Rats are now seeking refuge in homes and apartments because they have no other option. However, rats are a nuisance. They can wreck havoc in your house and you have absolutely no reason to adopt them as your pets. If you see a rat in your house, you should get either get some rat traps or some repellent to rid the problem immediately so that they do not end up breeding and giving birth to a whole giant family of rats. The bigger the rat problem, the worse it will be for you in the long run. Your house will be littered with droppings, your furniture will have gnawing marks, your clothes will be torn, and so on. You could choose harsh and toxic methods to kill rats but that is not recommended. They are beings too and don’t deserve to suffer a painful death. Hence the best bet for you is to use a rat repellent. Using the repellent is simple and effective and will drive the rats away from your house. There are numerous different types of repellents available in the market. You shouldn’t rush into buying at all. There are a number of criteria that the rat repellent should fulfill. Some of these have been mentioned below:

  • The repellent you choose should be sans chemical, toxic, and poisonous ingredients. The presence of such ingredients can harm you and your family if you inhale them. You might develop side effects on your skin as well as your respiratory system. Hence you should be very careful about this criterion. But a repellent, which is made out of natural ingredients.
  • The ideal repellent comes in the form of a spray that can reach even the corners of your house or office with considerable ease. You should be able to use the repellent in restaurants too.
  • The repellent you choose must have a pleasant fragrance so that you and the others in your house or office do not feel suffocated upon entering the room. At the same time the fragrance should be good enough to scare the rats out of your house.
  • The best rat repellent will be highly effective and will continue to repel rats for days to come. You won’t need to spray it for another few days, thus.
  • Lastly, the repellent you choose must not aim to kill the rodent. It should simply drive it out of your home. In order words, the rat repellent should work humanely and without poisons.

Thanks for reading, and please leave any comments, questions, or tips and tricks of your own in the comments below!

Rat Traps: Eliminate Your Univited Guests

Rats may occasionally be adopted as pets, but for most people, rats are pests that should be eliminated right away with a good rat trap.  Rats are dangerous because they can carry fleas and disease.  These fleas are very dangerous and can harm you, your kids, and your pets at the same time. So when it looks like you have a rodent problem on your hands, in order to be safe you should do some research and purchase a solid mouse and rat trap to get rid of the buggers. You can either eliminate them completely by killing them or you may get rid of them by trapping them and setting them free in a far off place. The choice is completely yours.

Victor M2524 Electronic Rat TrapThe best trap for you will not just be based on your preference but also on the severity of the problem and the environment in your house. For example, there are separate traps for a single rat and for multiple rats. Also, if you have kids and pets at home, you should use traps that are safe and will not harm them.

Also, buying the suitable rat traps is not enough. You should know how to set them for them to be effective and efficient. You should also know where to place them for them to do the trick for you. Here are a few tips that will help you:

  • First and foremost, you should start off with ‘where’. Where should you set the rat trap? Which is the ideal place? Rats like lingering in dark areas and areas where they can find food. Hence the best place would be the corners of the kitchen and the kitchen cupboards. You should also look for any holes in the flooring or walls that the rat/s may have set in order to travel with ease.
  • Next, you should choose the right rat bait. Remember that simply setting the trap won’t help you. You should attract the rat towards the trap using suitable bait. You can use peanut butter or cream cheese. Since they are aromatic and sticky, they are the best choices.
  • Now place them in the right locations and only then set them. Don’t set them beforehand and then carry them to the location because they may snap in your hand and hurt you.
  • Make sure you keep checking the rat traps every now and then to see if the rat has been caught. You don’t want to set the traps and forget about them especially if you want to catch them alive.

The Proper Way To Use Rat Trap Bait

Finding an effective way to trap and kill or relocate rats is a challenge.  You also need to consider how to lure those pesky rodents into your trap with an effective rat trap bait.  We’ll discuss how to best go about using a bait to get your home rat-free asap!

Rats are pests that can create a huge problem for any household. They multiply quickly and can lead to a serious infestation. People whose houses are infested by rodents often complain about damage in furniture and nibble marks on their food and packaging. Not to mention, they’ll see fresh rat droppings around the house (horrible!) Rat infestation doesn’t just affect the house itself but it can also result in illnesses and health issues for human occupants. These pests bring diseases such as viruses and potentially deadly infections. Given all these, it is important to capture these rats and get rid of them as soon as possible.

There are different ways to catch mice and rats. In most cases though, you would need the proper rat trap bait to make it work. Rats are intelligent and cautious. They do not simply run to a trap. You have to bait them and entice them towards the trap.

rat trap baitThere is a wide range of baits you can use to trap a rat. The most common and effective bait, however, is food. Rats are attracted to food with a strong smell. Peanut butter, oats, chocolate, bacon, fruits, meat, and vegetables all make good rat trap bait.  Other options are nesting materials such as string and cotton.  Rodents are constantly on the hunt for good materials to pad their homes.

When choosing a bait to use, there are factors you must consider. For instance, it is best to use peanut butter because it can last for days without losing its smell. Meat or vegetables, on the other hand, can spoil easily and it may not be that attractive to rats after a few days.

The choice of rat trap bait is not the only thing you need to think about. You should also learn about the proper placement of traps. Keep in mind that rats are careful. But your greatest advantage is that you can determine the path they usually take. Rats usually travel along walls to protect themselves, as they lack a clear vision. They use their whiskers and nose to find their way. Given this, your best chance to capture them is to place mouse trap bait in a perpendicular position against a wall. It is also advisable to use less bait because the more food you put, the easier for the rat to eat it without setting off the trap.

Moreover, you may want to test the bait first. You can do this by leaving bait in the rat’s pathway without setting the trap first. It’s amazing how suspicious they can be of new things.  Rats may not take the bait at first because they usually grow cautious when there’s a new obstruction to their paths. This is why putting the bait without the trap may help them get accustomed to it, making them feel comfortable. Once they are comfortable with the trap, you can now set the trap to catch them easier.  Good luck and may your home be eternally pest free!

The Rat Zapper – An Efficient Rat Control Tool

rat zapperNumerous products in the market today can help you with you rat problems, and one of the most popular and best rat traps is the Rat Zapper. It’s an electronic rat killer that is efficient and comes with a great 100% money-back guarantee, which should help you feel secure in it’s effectiveness. Another advantage of using this product is that they kill rats in a faster and more humane way than other types of rat killers such as poisons or snap traps.

A rat infestation is more than just a headache. It is a health risk. These days, however, with the help of a Rat Zapper, you have absolutely no reason to feel like you’re forced to share your home with rats. Whether it is simply one lone rat that you found lurking in the corner, or perhaps you discovered a whole rat condo complex built out of blankets and chewed up cardboard in a dark place in the attic, it’s important to tackle the problem right away. You don’t want to wait until the infestation gets worse.

There are many ways to get on top of a rat situation, but one of the most effective is an electronic mouse/rat trap.

The Rat Zapper comes in two choices. They are the Rat Zapper Ultra and the Rat Zapper Classic. Here is a little information about each:

➢ Rat Zapper Classic: This zapper requires to AA batteries and can kill up to ten rats. If you use lithium batteries, you can be sure that it will kill about thirty rats.

➢ Rat Zapper Ultra: This one is a little advanced in that it is larger. It requires four C batteries to work and has features such as remote tracking. This will help you know when the rat has been killed because it will have a flashing light. The benefit of the indicator light is that you won’t need to keep checking traps every now and then to see if the rat has been caught.

A Rat Zapper is readily available through Amazon. The company is named AgriZap. You can check out the company’s website for both types of the zapper. Amazon also sells the recommended batteries for each type and hence, it is the one stop for all your rat-ridding needs. Another advantage that Amazon offers is free shipping in the United States on orders over $25.
When you buy rat traps from online retailers, there are many things that you should keep in mind such as the reputation of the dealer and the payment options available. You should also think about the shipping charges. When you search for the right online retailer, make sure you weigh each retailer against these criteria. Reputation is a must because there are some websites that are fake and sell low quality, cheap products under the name of branded pest control products. It is important that you steer clear of them. You can find out the reputation from the website’s portfolio and reviews given by previous customers. Make sure you go through a few reviews before making a decision. If there are many payment options, it will be easier for you to make the transaction because you will be able to choose the method that you are comfortable with.

Another thing to keep in mind is the guarantee offered. Always make sure that the product is backed by a guarantee because Rat Zapper comes with a 100% warranty. If the website doesn’t offer it, know that the website is definitely not reliable. Lastly, you should compare the rates at various websites. The thing is that some websites offer lower rates than the others through deals and sales. You shouldn’t miss these because they can help you save a lot of money. Just a little research will help you find such sites, which are also reliable. Compare the rates and choose the most economical option.

If you don’t want to buy online, you can choose offline options such as your hardware store. Most good hardware stores will have these Rat Zapper products for you. They will also have the batteries required. Electronics stores are another option for you. There are numerous electronic stores based not only in the United States but also across the globe in countries such as New Zealand, South Africa, and United Kingdom that sell these products.

So overall, you can buy this efficient electronic rat-zapping trap and know that you’re getting a quality and effective product. You can easily find the Rat Zapper through our links and have it shipped out to you within a day. It’ll definitely be a great weapon in your quest to get rid of your rat problem. A rat or mouse infestation can definitely wreak havoc in your house and cause a lot of stress. Take care of it quickly with a quality trap and get back to normal living!