The Proper Way To Use Rat Trap Bait

Finding an effective way to trap and kill or relocate rats is a challenge.  You also need to consider how to lure those pesky rodents into your trap with an effective rat trap bait.  We’ll discuss how to best go about using a bait to get your home rat-free asap!

Rats are pests that can create a huge problem for any household. They multiply quickly and can lead to a serious infestation. People whose houses are infested by rodents often complain about damage in furniture and nibble marks on their food and packaging. Not to mention, they’ll see fresh rat droppings around the house (horrible!) Rat infestation doesn’t just affect the house itself but it can also result in illnesses and health issues for human occupants. These pests bring diseases such as viruses and potentially deadly infections. Given all these, it is important to capture these rats and get rid of them as soon as possible.

There are different ways to catch mice and rats. In most cases though, you would need the proper rat trap bait to make it work. Rats are intelligent and cautious. They do not simply run to a trap. You have to bait them and entice them towards the trap.

rat trap baitThere is a wide range of baits you can use to trap a rat. The most common and effective bait, however, is food. Rats are attracted to food with a strong smell. Peanut butter, oats, chocolate, bacon, fruits, meat, and vegetables all make good rat trap bait.  Other options are nesting materials such as string and cotton.  Rodents are constantly on the hunt for good materials to pad their homes.

When choosing a bait to use, there are factors you must consider. For instance, it is best to use peanut butter because it can last for days without losing its smell. Meat or vegetables, on the other hand, can spoil easily and it may not be that attractive to rats after a few days.

The choice of rat trap bait is not the only thing you need to think about. You should also learn about the proper placement of traps. Keep in mind that rats are careful. But your greatest advantage is that you can determine the path they usually take. Rats usually travel along walls to protect themselves, as they lack a clear vision. They use their whiskers and nose to find their way. Given this, your best chance to capture them is to place mouse trap bait in a perpendicular position against a wall. It is also advisable to use less bait because the more food you put, the easier for the rat to eat it without setting off the trap.

Moreover, you may want to test the bait first. You can do this by leaving bait in the rat’s pathway without setting the trap first. It’s amazing how suspicious they can be of new things.  Rats may not take the bait at first because they usually grow cautious when there’s a new obstruction to their paths. This is why putting the bait without the trap may help them get accustomed to it, making them feel comfortable. Once they are comfortable with the trap, you can now set the trap to catch them easier.  Good luck and may your home be eternally pest free!

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